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Monday, December 6, 2010

I never said I was good with power tools

So I "thought" I knew how to put things together, I "figured" putting some Ikea furniture together would be a breeze! I mean, c'mon, that big, modern, store, with all the friendly people and the cool furnishings....they make it seem so easy!! Two days later of spending all of my time on the floor, crying, trying to put this stupid bookcase together, I BREAK it! You'll notice that the top right block is larger than the others, I swear I was gently trying to move the thing when it just snapped. So my bookcase will have to remain asymmetrical because I no longer have the patience for anything Ikea anymore. Along with my funny looking bookcase I purposely choose to have a tiny, baby christmas tree this year. It's tiny and cute, thank you very much!


  1. That's one pretty tree

  2. you should just break another divider and asymmetrical the heck out of it :)

  3. Now I see the famous little tree.