I’m obsessed with really good food, fun vacations, cool music, cheesy jokes and I really, really, really LOVE photography.

I am a photographer that works out of both New York City and Connecticut and I love shooting couples, engagements, weddings, kids & families, and I am always down to travel anywhere!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The awesomeness of other talented people

As I make my own little path through this giant field of photography, I sometimes revert back to those feelings in middle school of desperately wanting to belong, and fit in with the "cool kids". What is drastically different this time around though, is in an industry this huge, where there are so many amazing professionals I seriously look up to, I've been met with nothing but open arms (and yummy stiff drinks!) within this community. I have been so lucky to come across so many other fabulous photographers that have been so generous with their advice, suggestions and most importantly friendship. A HUGE thanks to the super cool, super talented Trent Bailey, for hanging with me and grabbing some of the shots of moi for my new website. Plus...besides talking shop, I always like getting in front of the camera as it always reminds me what my clients feel. It's not always easy being in front of a camera, but its ALWAYS easy to be silly and have fun in front of someone you trust completely with a camera because you know however big of a geek you may be they will make you look amazing in a photo. Thanks Trent!



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