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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reinventing yourself

I am all about "phases" I've been through quite a few in my life. I like to think that while I don't always like change, I definitely find consistency and familiarity pretty boring. I like to keep my self on my toes with challenges, adventure and surprise. It is most definitely something that is in my blood, as a kid my family was always on the move. Not in the literally sense, as in a home (I grew up in the same house my entire childhood), but in the sense that my parents were always about visiting new places, checking out new sites and more or less exploring the world around us (I have an AMAZING sense of direction thanks to this! I'm pretty badass for a girl at maps and directions if I do say so myself, ha!). Things that weren't necessarily new to other people were always new to me because I was exploring them with my family, and if it wasn't new to us we found a way to make it fresh and exciting.
Which brought me to this building, it was an old factory building that produced locks, that had been long abandoned and unused, until recently when I came across it again and saw it was being fixed up into nice new homes. Genius! Reinvention and change at its finest!


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  1. did you check the padlock in the lobby?