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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wedding Dress

So I havent blogged much about my own wedding (did I mention? I'm getting MARRIED!!) other than, here, and here, so here's a little update about my planning.

My wedding dress arrived! Way earlier than they told me it was going to be here (like 2 months early), so I had a slight freak out session as I wasnt mentally prepared for the dress yet, crazy as it sounds.
But... my amazing experience at Lovely Bride, in NYC, made my entire wedding experience so far 100 million times better!

I want to live at this store, I want to set up shop on the second floor of this amazing little brownstone in the village, that just happens to have the most amazing bridal shop ever and live there forever! I loved every minute of this experience and Im kinda sad I cant go back anymore.

I was actually pretty nervous at the idea of figuring out how to trek a wedding dress across Manhattan and then back to Connecticut, all I have to say is, once people hear anything "wedding", everyone is the most friendly, excited person ever! I sorta want to walk around with a giant garment bag all the time now, and say my wedding dress is inside, because just hearing "wedding dress" made even the grumpiest commuter (who was pissed my dress was spralled out over 3 seats) smile, congrualate me and offer a helping hand. I wish every day was like this ;-)

My Advice to those of you still looking? Never settle! I seriously thought I was going to have to wear a white tank top & shorts because I wasn't finding anything that fit my personality & style in the wedding world of poofs and tiaras. Also try on everything! Bridal magazines may tell you the opposite or to look for things that fit your body type (but I had no idea what that was!), coming from a girl whose now on both ends of the wedding day, it really helped narrow things down once I tried on every style of dress. It helped me get the garbage for my body out of the way first (plus I was slightly curious to see how those giant Cinderella dresses looked on me! NOT good!) and made it obvious, time and time again that there was a particular style & cut of dress that just fit me beautifully. It just takes a little work, and a lot of free weekends!

And now that I have the dress, what's my next purchase? A pretty HANGER! Everyone always forgets about that ugly little plastic hanger the dress comes with, and on the wedding day, as a photographer, Im always scrambling to find something more suitable and elegant than a .03¢ piece of plastic to support your many thousands of dollars dress. There are tons of cute, affordable options out there, so off I (and you!) go to find something cool to hang my dress off of.

Here are some snapshots of my dresses journey home, thanks to instagram . My dress isnt one of the photos below (except for the one in the body bag, er...um, garment bag), so chillax! But, those are some damn pretty dresses!






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